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For years, a dreadful and scary myth has been around about stock market and trading… That myth sounds like Normal people cannot learn the skills to be profitable from trading the stock market; Wrong!

At Vision Traders, the answer is "By an optimal management of THIER OWN MONEY"

Our MONEY MANAGEMENT COURSE does cover exactly how to: 

1. Identify KEY Point on the chart to place a stop loss (EXIT STRATEGY FOR A LOOSING TRADE)

2. To save money and time in the same exact proportions, until putting you in the ‘more profit, less time’ condition: this is the Nirvana for all traders!

3. It would help you to identify a trend reversal, which would prevent you from loosing because you would have spotted the change in the market sentiment and avoid placing a Buy or sell order

4. You would also know how to effectively determine your risk in proportion to your investment capital

Time is a depending variable: it really depends by what you really do with it. Let’s suppose you have gained quite big money, e.g. £1000 in an hour: without knowing how to keep them, you will lose them in less than hour. Now multiply time and money by a ten factor, and see how much you can lose in ten hours. Then do it again for 24 hours, then for 5 days, for 4 weeks. How much money have you lost in the process? The exact time you have lost too.

Back to money, things are even bitter in the real stock market than the fictitious example since you are likely to lose £5000 in 3 MINUTES!

Implementing the techniqies you will learn from the money management modules would anable you to minimize your risk to the bearest minimum while optimizing your profit at a realistic rate

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