TRADING INSTRUCTION MANUALSFoundational Concept of Trading

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We at Vision Traders are all professional traders with a sheer passion for teaching stock market novices ALL that it takes to become trading LEADERS without washing away your money, self-esteem, efforts, opportunities!


1. Beginners to achieve supreme governance of any situation they are presented with facing the market;

2. To develop their skills in technical analysis to recognize favourable trends and opportunities;

3. To eradicate any negative behaviour that puts your competition over you in advance, such as doubt, procrastination, negative outlooks based on the media press or other outer sources.

We focus in you becoming FOCUSED on yourself, rapid, moving on your own directions, commanding and confident DOING the right THINGS in the right TIME! .

We urge our traders to be serious competitors from the very start of their training with a technique which enable even fresh traders to gain confidence in themselves when analysing the stock market.

Our goal, and your goal with us should be to become a professional trader, someone who will know how:

-     To spot opportunities from a deep understanding on how the market moves;

-     Devoting a larger span of his time to his own interests, family, other activitie

Start enjoying your new walkthrough towards the world of stock investment as we make YOU grow like Wall Street pros.

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Foundational Concept of Trading
Foundational Concept of Trading