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If you are looking to become a specialist trader in something completely different from what people usually think about stock market, our ‘TRADING THE NEWS ’ training module is the solution

How satisfied are you with your current trading activities in the stock market? Are you living up to your expectations?

If your interior voice has said ’No’ or ‘Maybe’ for a fraction of second, it’s time to stop and act carefully .  We don’t encourage you to take  ‘quick fixes’ from anyone or any promise starting with ‘quick’. The message here is…

Don’t be just plain ‘good’.


Trade The News Course was born from the experience of a team of dedicated full-time traders, who have distilled their knowledge about stock market in a training modules series.

The course would give you the skills to be able to

1. Understand the basic news trading concept

2. How to identify which news to focus on

3. Step by step instrcution on how to Trade The Spike when news are released

4. Step by step instrctions on how to Trade Retracement after news release that give more winning trades if followed

This trading techniques which ensure you get the right skill can be copied and have been proved thoroughly for years by top full-time professional traders.

Also, this sensational value is provided with the guarantee that each of the papers contains all you must know to implement the advanced techniques described within. No seminars to attend, no work to be left behind, no time to loose!

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Trading The News
Trading The News