When I came across www.visiontraders.com I was looking for a site that offered a good course on how to trade economic news. I had been looking pretty hard but none of the sites offered the type of material I was looking. Namely, material that was actually useful. Generally the material is incomplete. And with that let me explain, to successfully trade in different markets you need access to a wide range of countries. Most courses cover only a couple and they consider the material to be complete, this is anything but the case.

The training material that I got on www.visiontraders.com was completely opposite, and with that I mean it was complete and useful. I have learned so much about trading from this course. And because of it have been able to build out my trading efforts to five times what they were before I started putting it to use.

Tavia Papalia Benfleet Essex UK

Greeting Baba,

You had inquired how I was coming a along with the Foundational Concept a couple of days ago. I apologize for not writing you until today. I have been so busy studying the course that I have been neglecting my email.

I am amazed at how easy it is to understand and put into practice, you've really put together a top-notch package that gives a newbie like me the information I need. I've learned so much about analyzing the market and this isn't the first time I tried to learn this material either.

Several years ago I sat down determined to learn how to analyze the market and place profitable trades. I found a course that promised me just how to do this and I paid close to $2000. The course was a dud and I was out the money.

You're course is anything but a dud, in fact I have gotten far more out of it than what you charge. It really is a steal!

Thanks, Roger Banes

One of my biggest concerns when I entered forex was the risk. I mean nobody wants to lose their shirt, and the thought of a poorly placed trade is enough to frighten a lot of people off. Well, if I would have subcomb to these fears I wouldn't be able to be earning the money I am today (which is nearly as much as what I earn at my 9-5 day job).

The first step is getting over this fear, the next one is to buy the Trading Signal course and Money Management course. Because these are the single most important pieces of trading teaching material you can own. I have not only been able to make money, without losing it, but I have been able to make profitable trades time and time again. And I owe it all to these two courses.

They really are worth every penny and then some.

Stephen Keller, Kent UK

I have been trading in Forex for nearly ten years now, this doesn't mean I know everything there is to know about the subject. To be honest I am always on the look out for great training material and courses. This is how I found your Trading Signal Course.

When I went through it I was amazed how thorough and insightful the material was. It was definitely worth the purchase. And I am pleased to say so was your Money Management Course. Both of these courses are written in such a way that even somebody unfamiliar with Forex will feel comfortable working through them.

At the same time though both Trading Signal and Money Management are advanced enough to give professionals like myself a few really useful tips that allow use to bank even more on the market. Simply amazing!

This is a must read for anyone that wants to start making money through Forex.

Harold Herrington, Hillsborough Tampa Florida

I won't brag, but I am making more money now dealing in forex than I ever though was possible. And this is during my free time, usually about 2 hours each day when I get off from work. I didn't do it alone though, I really owe it all to your courses, Trading Signal and Money Management.

When i first started out didn't know a thing about making money through forex. It was only because of your step-by-step courses that I was able to come as far as I did. I am now able to spot profitable trades without worrying about how it will turn out because I know that I will be making money off of them.

I traded a little bit before I purchased your courses and I will be honest there were more losses than wins at that time. But once I picked up copies of your Trading Signal and Money Management courses I was on my way. And I have lost next to no money since then. Coincidence? I think not. I don't know where I would be without them, they really are two of the best courses on forex available.

Pat Dias Johnsonvills, wellington New Zealand

If I was asked in an interview "where do you see yourself in 5 years time?" last year my answer would never be " working from home trading stock on the internet!" I would just like to say a big thank you to the team at Vision Traders for showing me the light. With the easy to follow PDF's that you can keep and refer back to when you need to, it has been an amazing journey to the freedom that we all want. Once I had mastered the basics I them went on to the other modules that are available and my business started to go from strength to strength.

If you would like to fire your boss and have the freedom that only comes from working from home on the internet I would high recommend them.

To Yours success
Kim D'arcy-Masters Work from home Dad

Hey guys, I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you over at Vision Traders for helping to get on my feet trading Forex market.

The 3 courses I purchased Foundational concept, Trading signal system & money management has given me an increase of over 270% profit within three months. The courses are so simply laid out for easy understanding that a newbies can understand. I'm now addicted to trading the stock market.

D M Farim, FL USA

I bought both the trading signal system and Money management courses since I am knowledgeable in stock trading and the courses put you in THE game with simple but specific/precise directions. It gives me a more direct route to my buying or selling strategy and I have more winning trades than my losing one.

Big Thanks.
M Forlan Humahuaca, Jujuy Argentina

The trade the news course I bought gave me WAY more than £60 worth of help. The step by step instruction could be invaluable. There's no way of putting a dollar value on it until you have tried it out. The course gave me easy tips for jump starting my trading career. Highly recommended.

C Terves Anillaco, La Pampa, Argentina

I've been trading online with for 2 years. I thought I have use almost every trading knowledge available because I have gone through a lot of courses and spent a lot of money with little success.

The trading signal system and Money management course I bought gave me 5 fresh, new, ideas I'd never have come up with. If you are serious about making good profit on the stock market these two courses is a must.

Lisa Bryn, Manchester UK

Hi, my name is David Olaosun APEX CONSULTING training ebook manual together with the help line I received have been wonderful. The training had help to gain confidence in the market

I was looking for a mentor in trading, someone I can learn from and mirror while the emotions are high and the charts are forming rather than analysing already formed charts (which always looks obvious, the direction you should trade).

Vision Traders gave me much more; I learnt to trade profitably, confidently and the best of all, I learnt practical tips on money management.

Stephen A.

I have looked at loads of online stock training stuff companies are promoting, some are costing $2000, yours is a fantastic value, it's a giveaway.

The courses which I bought Trading signal system and money management covers everything and in such a great way it's easy for anyone to follow. I know I would have lost and not have a clue about stock trading. I highly recommend.

Dave Mann

All I can say is a big thanks. I have learnt so much been a complete novies. I bought the 3 courses from Foundational concept to money management and there is so much to learn when it comes to Forex trading.

The courses have definitely made my challenge of learning out to trade the stock market a lot easier and I feel equipped to continue using all the tips and strategies that has been laid out in the courses.

Tracey Edwards, Edmonton Canada